Friday, July 31, 2020

Best of the Web - Whither the Dungeon? Wormy

The Alexandrian has a post called Whither the Dungeon? – The Decline and Fall of D&D Adventures that points out how modern versions of D&D no longer actually explain how to run a dungeon crawl or draw up a dungeon. Something I hadn't noticed but find fascinating. The game became with people teaching each other how to play because the rules were such a mess, and now they've sort of gotten back to that.

I ran across this again and don't remember if I linked it before so I figured I'd do so again. The A Collection of Dave Trampier's Wormy. Dave Trampier's art was amazing. At some point he had issues with TSR and wanted nothing to do with the hobby. I don't really know what happened but he was super-talented and that really shows in the wormy comics.

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