Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Hembek Wards

To make a city work you've got to bust it up into manageable pieces. Luckily the medieval English administrators had the same issue running cities so they busted them up into Wards. So that's how I've decided to divide Hembek. I 'think' my wards are somewhat compatible in size as the ones in London, if not, well it's close enough.


Hembek is divided into 12 Wards, each Ward has an Alderman who represents that ward in the Grand Council. Aldermen are supposed to spend time in their Ward but most prefer to spend time in Hightown with the wealthy. An overview map is the best way to orient things.


The Wards are:

  • Alder Rock (Ward)
  • Bowyer Ward
  • Cheap Ward
  • The Dockyards (Ward)
  • Eastrade (Ward)
  • Farcraft Ward
  • Greatcraft Ward
  • Heathgate Ward
  • Ironthorpe (Ward)
  • Jembgate Ward
  • Kruddlestreet Ward
  • Limey Ward
Eventually each Ward will have its own encounters charts. Probably a fresh one for each event so encounters on a stormy day will be different from those on a Festival day. That's work nicely and make the whole thing usable but it'll also make boring reading so I probably won't post that sort of thing.

The Wards will be covered in a  bit more detail in follow-up posts. 
Note - Non-humans are not really considered in Hembek. I don't use them in my campaign as its more of a Grim-dark affair than High Fantasy. Still if a GM wants to add non-humans they would typically live in the Easinna North Ward or tunneled into the base of the Rock in Fishtown Ward.

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