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Hembek - Jembgate Ward, Kruddlestreet Ward, & Limey Ward

Jembgate Ward

Jembgate Ward was outside the wall (along with Kruddlestreet Ward and Limey Ward) until roughly a century ago when the Republic became an Empire and the Grand Council decided the walls should be extended to protect the buildings outside the wall. 

The Ward is filled with Pallas worshipers that wish to be away from the Old Faith influences and political filth ontop of Gull Rock. 

J1 - Jemb Tower

The tower provides access to docks used by fishermen, to the city wall and a well protected tunnel into the Ducal Palace.

J2 - Parish Church of Pallas (St Opiel, Patron of the Moon)

A Parish church that is ready to expand into something bigger. Most notably this church is connected to limestone catacombs within Gull Rock. The catacombs were once Limestone mines but were turned into catacombs long, long ago. The catacombs act as the burial area for the ashes of Pallas worshipers. A number of Pallas Holy figures are interned within and its become somewhat of a pilgrimage site.

J3 - Broken Glaive Tavern 

The tavern is named after the weapon favored by Pallas Regina. The tavern is filled with Pallas worshipers. The owner Yower de Sewlink brews an inferior ale and a superb beer. Tunnels in the rear of the tavern connect to the Gold Scales tavern & thieves Guild in Wesinna ward.

J4 - Blessed Row

When the cliffs of Gull Rock sheared a few decades ago the rubble came down and took out the houses on both sides of Luck row. These houses survived untouched and now have double or triple what the normal market value because they are considered blessed by Pallas and St Suriel Patroness of Luck.

J5 - Townhouses

Most of these large townhouses are subdivided into rental units.

J6 - Steel Tower

A Tower owned by Haldir DeWessen the mercenary commander of the Steel Solution Mercenary company. Haldir has made a lot of money contracting out his trained soldiers as protection for caravan and ships.

Kruddlestreet Ward

Kruddlestreet Ward was outside the wall (along with Jembgate Ward and Limey Ward) until roughly a century ago when the Republic became an Empire and the Grand Council decided the walls should be extended to protect the buildings outside the wall. 

K1 - Parish Church of Pallas (St Karlel patron of Wealth)
The church makes a lot of money from fishermen wishing to have their boats and nets blessed. The Church also buys unsold fish from the local fishermen (at a discount) and cook the fish to feed the urban poor which ensures the local fishermen are never stuck with excess product.

K2 - Fate's Fortune Inn
A Inn/gambling den run by the thieves guild that caters to the locals and pilgrims to the Old Faith Grove. The Inn specializes in watered down ales and meat pies.

K3 - Green Townhouse
The Green Townhouse is painted green. It is subdivided into multiple units and occupied by Old Faith worshipers and are packed with two or three families each. Sometimes these families are related, sometimes they are not. Plans to build additional buildings in the various burbage plots behind the townhouses are everywhere but so far nobody has the wealth do build.

K4 - Multibusiness Townhouse
  • Bakery - The baker takes flour from the mills and bake a few wagon-loads of bread every day for sale to the inns and taverns around the city.
  • Scribe - The only scribe in Hembek Eric de Hornt reads and writes letters on behalf of the illiterate. Additionally he acts as a primitive postal service using caravans to route letters to the Scribes Guild in other cities for delivery. 
  • Barber - Cristiff de Courflon is a Surgeon first, barber second. He spends most of his time setting broken bones and cauterizing limbs. He even has a store of opiates to help with the pain. He knows what he's doing (as much as anyone in this age of medieval medicine knows) and if you've got pains he's the one to call. 
K5 - Kanaris Arena 
This elevated platform has been used by Kanaris templars to fight duels and judicial combat for centuries. It is also used as a nice viewpoint as it has a wonderful view over the river.

Limey Ward

Limey Ward was an area of Lime groves outside the wall (along with Jembgate Ward and Kruddlestreet Ward) until roughly a century ago when the Republic became an Empire and the Grand Council decided the walls should be extended to protect the buildings outside the wall. It is considered the safest of the Wards (when it is considered at all) primarily because the students make up the bulk of the population and they don't have anything anyone wants.

L1 - Old Faith Grove
The oldest place of worship in the city the Old Faith Grove has been drawing shepards and herders to worship for centuries untold. A number of attempts to burn down the grove have been thwarted over the years by Kanaris Templars that always seem to be about. The attempts stopped entirely when the Grand Council gave the Church of Pallas the right to build a University nearby and even the most fanatical Pallas worshiper would not wish to risk the University burning down.

L2 - University Extension
The Grand Council insisted that non-Pallas worshipers must be able to attend the University. The Church of Pallas response was to build an additional dormitory and classrooms and keep the pagans separated.

L3 - University of Hemek
The pride of Pallas Regina. The University of Pallas Regina provides religious indoctrination as well as study in the sciences. It's considered a top university throughout the world although would be considered lacking by modern standards.

L4 - Big Tower
This wide tower houses a dozen guardsmen. The tower has three siege canon and casks of black powder but the guards living in the tower don't know how to use the stuff and are unaware of the explosive danger of the casks.

L5 - Octagonal Tower
The tower is designed with a pass-through, basically a guard walking on the tower walls can pass right through the tower without disturbing the occupant. Marlor lives here (the University pays his rent). He  is a crazy hermit and a worshiper of Pallas Regina. Marlor spends most nights staring at the stars with his primitive telescope and singing to the moon and stars above in some ancient but beautiful language.

L6 - West Gatehouse
Built in 1286, the gatekeeper opens the gate in the morning, collects the toll (1/2 GP per foot, no wagons), and closes the gates in the evening.

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