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Hembek - Heathgate Ward & Ironthorpe (Ward)

Heathgate Ward 

Heathgate Ward is the main land entrance to the city and deals with caravans and the like. It is also known as foreign-town and even foreigners that come by ship often find their way to Heathgate Ward. 

H1 - Stallions Rest

A wealthy caravanserai that has plenty of grazing space for draft animals and mounts as well as space for wagons in its interior and a staff of boys to take work animals out to graze outside the wall when necessary. The "Rest" has three massive drinking rooms and a cluster of supporting buildings that can be rented out separately. The Inn is owned by the Temple of Wagos and has a bridge direct to the temple. The Rest's food is good but the selection is minimal, basically bread, vegetable stew and ribs. This establishment is run by a retired Wagos Priest. It is loud, and fun, and fights break out all the time but weapons aren't used. Fights occur in the beergarden out back. 

The Rest is also the location of Caravan Brewery, a brewery owned and operated by the Priests of Wagos who follow very strict brewing laws of their order. The brewery makes a fine lager, mediocre ale (ale hops aren't particularly hood in this area) and a superb extra stout. They claim the key is the water filtered through the limestone rock of Gull Rock. The brewery has extensive below ground spaces to store product in the cold.

H2 - East Gate

The largest gate in the city this gate serves as the base of operations for all city guard activities. It is the only gate that allows horses and wagons (1/2 GP per foot or wheel). The gate includes barracks, dining, and cells for short term visitors. 

H3 - Builder

Builder - Robert of Ashland works primarily on home repairs and creating bricks that are then sold to Master James. He came to town because he figured there would be lots of new projects with his second Cousin the Grand Duke in control and all but so far most of the big jobs have been given to Master James, a Master Builder in the Builders Guild. He proposes big jobs to the Grand Duke but so far all his suggestions have been built by Master James.

H4 - Crows Cock Inn/Thieves Guild

Inn within a town, near the gates. The inns mainroom is two stories and they frequently have entertainers.

  • The inn serves as the base of operations for a gang of four thieves. They are led by Alfred. Alfred isa total bastard and manipulator. He is also a spy working for the Grand Council. Alfred is well paid for information. He then uses the cash as evidence of his success as a thief. He has also arranged for his gang to be rescued from time to time through heroic Robin Hood style escapes or more often through the bribing of the Sternel brothers who are city guards at East Gate and sympathetic to bribes. The other gang members know nothing of this spy business.

H5 - Meat Row

Meat row is actually two buildings occupied by butchers. They toss the offal into the canal which has drawn rats to the area. Hides are shipped on a small boat to the Insula of Sand Jack for the leatherworkers.

  • Butcher - Aarn de Trenby butchers cattle and sells the meat to merchants to feed their caravans. Aarn also has a basement that is deep enough to remain cold for meat storage.
  • Butcher - Michelle of Kramika primarily goats and smaller animals. She is not a member of the guild and the Merchants refuse to buy her meat. The foreign caravans have no such reservations so she has survived so far. Lately in an effort to drive her out of business rumors have been spread that she is a witch who poisons the meat but a group of Kanaris Templars slaughtered one such rumor-mongering Merchant and the rumors suddenly stopped. The Templars now get a discount price on meat purchases.

H6 - Heath Gate

A gatehouse, barracks and prison. The old gate houses a unit of the city guard. They patrol the town,  man the gates and walls, and occasionally raids the bad part of town. 

Ironthorpe (Ward)

Ironthorpe (Ward) is dominated by horses. The templers and the Imperial soldiers and Calvary ride their horses all over the place and foot traffic better be wear. 

I1 - Ironthorpe Square

Every morning the square is filled with tents and stalls selling livestock, food, produce, and spices. Once a week, or when certain cargos arrive, other items are sold (clothes, crafts, animals). Most of the buildings facing the square are warehouses owned by merchant houses that sell their wares in the square. In the center of the square is a water fountain available to all. The Kanaris temple and Cavalry barracks nearby may be the safest spot in the lower city (assuming one isn't disliked by the Templars)

I2 - Parish Church of Pallas (St Suriel Patroness of Luck & Travellers)

A Parish church dedicated to travellers. Foreign Pallas worshiping merchants and teamsters attend and tend to donate lavishly.

I3 - Great Church of Pallas (St Chasan of Storms, St Opiel of the Moon, and St Samael-of Weather)

A good sized church built to impress. The Church has worked with crafters to ensure the inside the Church if filled with beautiful wood and stone work. The high altar is a showpiece of medieval wooden sculpture. The Great Church is the residence of the High Cleric, Primate of Pallas Regina in the Hembek Empire.

I4 - Cavalry Barracks

The round tower, square tower, and neighboring buildings are the home of the Hembek Cavalry. The Cavalry was created by the Grand Council when the Republic became an Empire. The Cavalry is responsible for securing the roads within 5 miles of the city and keeping the peace in Imperial territories whenever and wherever necessary.

I5 - Salley Port

This gate/drawbridge is raised manually and is used primarily by the Hembek Cavalry and Kanaris Templars from the Brotherhood of Skulls when they want to go on patrol or just ride outside the walls. 

I6 - Kanaris Brotherhood of Skulls (Old Faith God of War)

The original Kanaris temple in the city the Brotherhood of Skulls took over when the Brotherhood of Kanaris took over their current chapterhouse in Bowyer Ward. The two chapters have a friendly rivalry that generally takes the form of drinking contests and verbal mocking.

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