Thursday, November 12, 2020

Hembek - Players Map

One of the difficult parts of running an urban campaign is describing the streets. It's easy to describe wilderness and most dungeon rooms but a decent city or town will have a lot going on. And if you want a sandbox its best to give the players maps so they can make decisions and determine where they want to go. This brings us to handouts. Cities of Harn had handouts of the cities but one thing they left off was any sites of interest so I remember a lot of 'where's a tavern?' ' Where's the blacksmith?' Things the players would learn quick enough poking around for an hour or two in most towns.

The Wards are Alphabetical and I've listed the callouts directly on the map and keep the
same numbering so the Players can always say they go to C4 and things are easy for the GM to match up. Also within each Ward the numbering goes clockwise most of the time to make it easier to find things and starts over with each Ward so there is room for future expansion without screwing with the current numbering. 

At some point I'll probably need to name some roads to further simplify navigation but not now.

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