Thursday, January 30, 2020

Thoughts on Tiefling

Hellboy, the original Tiefling,
I'm not sure who the artist is,
TinEye comes up empty
My first thought was that the race was stupid but boy have things come a long way since 2E when Devils and Demons were renamed so as not to offend, instead of saying they are put in the game so they can be killed by heroes you dumbasses!.

So back to Tiefling. Some kind of Devil-spawn walking the mundane planes getting into adventure. It occurred to me that maybe this could be interesting.

Imagine a cult of Demon/Devil worshipers summons a Succubus or Incubus and everyone has a big happy hypnotic drug-crazed orgy (side note, what happened to Succubus in the 5E srd, they can't be trade dress). Now fast forward 9 months as the cultists find everyone involved in said orgy is pregnant. The young, the old, women & men. Bodies mutate as necessary, although mutations are all internal so they may not be apparent. Those involved may not even know they are pregnant, they may not even remember the event all that clearly and the men getting pregnant as well confuses the hell out of any diagnose. So most likely the men who might mutate themselves a womb but typically no birth canal will die. The elderly and most others die as well as Tiefling are born with small horns that make even an ideal scenario complicated. This usually leads to the end of such a cult although occasionally the survivors will continue, raising the hellspawn.
Hellboy, I think by u/LoN3WolF396. 

I make no copyright claims.

This same pattern happens occasionally with isolated Demon worshipers who are rarely able to pass along any info to others. Even if they do spread the word a bit the pregnancy info of Succubus and Incubus seems to never be taken seriously or isn't passed along so new, horny, chaos-worshiping knuckleheads continue to fall for the trap.

So Tiefling are super rare, typically orphans, and when they do appear they are raised in clusters. They are not accepted by most Lawful societies and often are forced to hide their true nature. They tend to gravitate towards lawless societies and multi-cultural areas were few questions are asked and they can pretend to be Satyr's or something if someone notices the horns.

So I think a dark background like that might make Tiefling interesting but I still wouldn't let them be a player race.

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