Macabre Hack

 I've decided to post my working copy of my fantasy Heartbreaker so that anyone can review and playtest the game. It's basically Black Hack except: combat is not all player facing; I've removed the 100% player facing combat; I've replace all fiddle bonuses and penalties with Advantage/Disadvantage, added group initiative; changed the Cleric class to be more of an Anti-Magic type and given their spells over to the Magic User class; I've divided the Magic User class into Multiple classes based on different spell books. Lastly Macabre Hack uses armor points like the Black Hack except they don't disappear and heal back (which I always thought was a bit strange) so Armor Up if you want to live.

  Macabre Hack

If you have feedback (typos, game reports, opinions) please email me at ruprecht67 @ (with the spaces removed of course). Or you can comment directly on the PDF I believe, or on this page. Any comment will do.

I like the way it works in theory, but in theory is not always the same as in play. Thus any reviews, comments, especially those based on actual play testing would be appreciated.

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